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Four Way Struggle
I think it's better for you to smile
Enter Hinanawi Tenshi
Hinanawi Cirno's Shangri-La
To Be Locked Away by My Sanae...
Reiuji Cirno's Endless Gallery
Duel! Tenshi-sama vs Reiuji Utsuho
Hello, This is Shameimaru!
Scarlet Devil Mansion Version
Okuu and Cirno at Kourindou
Hinanawi Tenshi's Miracle
Dozing Kourin
The Jealous Flame Cat
Cirno the Stall Manager
Flandre's Sherbet

Original Work
Team Shanghai Alice
- Touhou Project -


※This page was translated by my friend!

Welcome to (YsY)studio’s English page!
As being a producer myself,

I’m very delighted about the fact that people from
many English-speaking countries have been enjoying my manga.

I can't to make reply on your mail due to my lack of English writing,
but I can understand them, although not fully.
So, I would appreciate your review.

I hope you have a enjoy these manga.
Thanks a lot!